Pet Food

During the second lockdown Daylesford Organic asked me to help move forward the development of a range of Organic Dog and Cat Food. This proved to be one of the most difficult projects I have worked on due to many circumstances. The brief was, to develop an offer of canned dog and cat food, dry bagged dog food and pet treats.

Firstly, the pet food market was growing dramatically, as more people bought dogs and cats during the pandemic, creating a greater demand for pet food, and with most people working from home, they also had time to research pet food and perhaps switch to healthy options for their pets. So, nearly all manufacturers were at capacity in production, and because of the closure of hospitality eating venues, the volumes of meat being processed through the system was reduced, which in turn lead to a shortage of meat for pet food manufacturers.

Following lots of research, endless telephone, and Teams calls, because no supplier visits were allowed, a manufacturer was secured for the tinned food and finally the dry bagged food. The development began with recipe ideas and trials, but because of the pandemic, things moved very slowly due to production staffing issues caused by Covid.

The Daylesford range of organic dog and cat food in cans and aluminium trays was developed and finally on-shelf 6 months later than planned. The Cold Pressed dog food was selected for the dry food, instead of kibble, and with the manufacturers help Daylesford’s own bespoke recipes were created.

The canned food, and cold pressed dry dog food were launched, once organically certified, and tested, as per the required technical standards for pet food.

All Daylesford pet food is now on-sale in the new Garden Room at the Daylesford Farm Shop, and on-line.

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