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Brindisa Spanish Foods PackagingDaylesford Organic 2015/2016

I was asked to assist with the development of four own label product ranges, Organic Breakfast Cereals, Organic Super food bars, Organic Pasta and Organic Pesto sauces, including a delicious vegan pesto made with Tofu.

Working with two Organic specialist manufacturers, the Daylesford Food Quartet and Nutritionist, 6 ‘Eat to Be Healthy’ breakfast cereals were developed and launched in late 2015 along with 4 Super food bars.

Daylesford Superfood Bar Daylesford Superfood Bar Daylesford Superfood Bar

Organic cacao & coconut porridge, Organic red, white & blueberry granola, Organic crunchy oat granola, Organic super seed & quinoa porridge, Organic coconut & mulberry granola, Organic toasted nut 3-grain muesli.

Daylesford Superfood Bar Daylesford Superfood Bar Daylesford Superfood Bar Daylesford Superfood Bar

Organic coconut & cacao nib superfood bar, Organic almond & pistachio superfood bar, Organic raw paleo superfood bar, Organic white mulberry & chia superfood bar.

Daylesford Linguinne Daylesford Penne Rigate Daylesford Spaghetti Daylesford Tubetti Rigati

Organic pasta including linguine and penne rigate and wholewheat spaghetti and Tubetti Rigate.

Daylesford Basil Pesto Daylesford Sundried Tomato Pesto

Organic Pesto alla Genovese, Organic Vegan Tofu Pesto and a Sundried Tomato Pesto.

Brindisa Spanish Foods PackagingBrindisa Ltd. 2015/2016

Working with Spanish food producers, the buyers technical and design team at Brindisa, I assisted the development program of new Brindisa own label retail products, to enhance and increase the existing Brindisa Spanish retail food offering.

The products included: Torta biscuits (Rebranding). Natural & additive free cooking chorizo, picante & dulce. Mayonnaise including, Saffron, Smoked Paprika and Confit garlic. Encurtidos; jarred pickles including Guindillas, Caper Berries, Garlic Pieces and Gherkins. Sauces including Sofrito, Fritada, Salsa Brava and Romesco.

Brindisa Torta Brindisa Torta Brindisa Torta Brindisa Torta Brindisa Mayonnaise Brindisa Mayonnaise Brindisa Mayonnaise Brindisa Chorizo Brindisa Garlic Pieces Brindisa Hot Peppers Brindisa Gherkins Brindisa Capers Brindisa Sofrito Brindisa Fritada Brindisa Salsa Brava Brindisa Romesco

National Trust Food PackagingNational Trust February 2014 to September 2014

Managing the re-development of the existing own brand National Trust food products. Enhancing and raising the quality of the product range with new British food lines, including savoury condiments, sweet biscuits, savoury biscuits, tea and Christmas puddings.

Sourcing the right product from the right manufacturer, developing recipes and tasted each product with the National Trust food team. Once the chosen lines had been carefully selected, I assisted with the development through to launch.

With the National Trust food team and each producer, I helped coordinate the price structure, production volumes, physical production, packaging print runs and provided input to the new design.

All products are now available at National Trust shops and on-line at

National Trust Tea National Trust Own Label National Trust Crackers National Trust Preserves and Condiments National Trust food selection

Harbey Nichols FoodmarketHarvey Nichols Foodmarket 1992 to 2003 (Own Brand Development)

During my career at Harvey Nichols, I worked with the inspirational designers Michael Nash Associates, who successfully won coveted D&AD awards for the design of Harvey Nichols own brand products;

The brief was to manage the Own Brand Projects from conception through to launch. Sourcing the right product from the right manufacturer, developing recipes, negotiating the key elements with manufacturers, packaging suppliers, ensuring volumes were manageable, prices were realistic and the quality of each product was the best offer available.

During the development, products were sourced from the UK, Europe and the United States, all of which helped to build the iconic range of Harvey Nichols Own Brand products, which is still a successful range of products.

harvey nichols crema di carciofi harvey nichols own label washing up liquid harvey nichols own label olive oil balsamic vinegar harvey nichols own label coffee harvey nichols own label pasta harvey nichols own label christmas pudding

Harvey Nichols Ltd; 1992 to 2003 (Merchandising)

As part of the Harvey Nichols management team, I was instrumental in the new Food Market openings and the domestic store expansion programme, in Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester.

Each Foodmarket opening was carefully planned, taking into account; product selection, category space allocation, product positioning to customer flow, cross merchandising and the visual appearance of the products. Priority product positioning was given to the Harvey Nichols Own Label, exclusive lines, products with key price points and high profit margins. The Harvey Nichols own label was allocated category shelf space and gondola end space, to give impact and presence for the opening.

The whole process and implementation had to work in conjunction with the other store teams, which included fashion and cosmetics, so the logistics and planning with other teams was important to a successful opening.

The outcome of each opening was and still is a wonderful representation of the Knightsbridge store, offering both Harvey Nichols own label and unique branded products.

DaylesDaylesford Organic 2003 to 2006 (Own Brand Development)

The second development project during my career was at Daylesford Organic. The brief was to create a range of Organic Own Brand products, working with the two Daylesford farms for a source of organic ingredients, creating products in the Daylesford kitchens with the production team, and where necessary using external manufacturers.

As at Harvey Nichols quality was paramount and where possible ingredients grown on the two farms were used in products, which included; Condiments, Bakery Goods, Confectionery, Biscuits, Soft Drinks, Tea, Honey and Jams. The biggest challenge were the production volumes, careful planning and negotiation was necessary to ensure that the right amount product was manufactured at the right price.

The Daylesford own label brand has proved successful and is available from;

Daylesford Tomato Ketchup Daylesford Chocolate Box Daylesford Red Onion and Apple Chutney Daylesford Cleaning Products Daylesford English Mustard Daylesford Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

WholeWhole Foods Market 2006 to 2010 (Own Brand Development)

Prior to the formation of Mark Lewis Food and Wine Ltd. I worked with the U.S. retailer Whole Foods Market. With the Own Brand team I developed the 'Everyday Value' product range, for the UK opening of the first UK store in Kensington, London.

Working under the leadership of the U.S. team in Austin Texas, 300 products were targeted for the opening and 75% of these were organic.

The key goal of the project was target pricing and although volume requirements were relatively good, they were minimal in comparison to other retailers, so negotiating cost prices to return a good margin and match competitor’s prices was challenging. The team was successful and the competitive pricing proved to be very important to the Whole Foods customers basket spend.

Development projects included Fresh Milk, Bacon, Sausages, Condiments, Tinned Soup, Maple Syrup, many other food products and a selection of Whole Foods Market entry level Wines.

Wholesfoods Sauvignon Blanc Wholefoods Montepulciano Wholefoods ProseccoWholefoods Wine Christmas Hamper Wholefood Hamper